Your Actionable Plan To Start A Location Independent Business And TRAVEL THE WORLD!

Craft An Online Business Around Your Passions, Gain Financial Independence & Take Control Of Your Life

The Location Independent Entrepreneur

The Location Independent Entrepreneur is an action-plan for people who long to travel, who get excited and inspired just thinking about their dream destinations, and who are ready to leave their monotonous lives behind. 

It’s for travelers with big ideas who need some clarity, direction, and support to craft their dream life. 

It’s for people ready to live their most adventurous life, because when you become a location independent entrepreneur EVERY DAY becomes an adventure. 

By Taking This Course You Will:

  • Identify your strengths and craft a freedom business around your desired lifestyle
  • Create an action plan and set the foundation to launch your location independent business
  • Build your network to find clients and like-minded location independent entrepreneurs to collaborate
  • Utilize the power of social media to grow your business and establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Get organized and find balance to manage your business effectively while traveling
  • Get a handle on your finances so you work smarter, not harder, and make money while you sleep
  • Get the expertise from 4 individual coaches who have helped entrepreneurs successfully launch and manage their freedom businesses around the world! 
  • Take action on your dream life! 
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Module 1 - Setting The Right Foundation

Identifying your strengths and passions to build a business around them. Learn how you too can build a freedom business around your dream lifestyle! ✈️

Module 2 - Crafting Your Dream Brand

Creating an action plan for your business through targeted brand strategy. Define your brand, develop a persona, and position it properly to reach your target customers. 

Module 3 - Organization & Productivity

Strategies for successful work & travel. Get organized, identify your productivity hours, and automate work so you get more done while working less and have plenty of time to explore the world!

Module 4 - Gaining Financial Independence

Getting your finances in order and budgeting with purpose. Know exactly how much to pay yourself, how to keep track of your money, and how much to invest back into your business so it keeps growing. Make your money work for you! 

Module 5 - Promotional Strategy

How to effectively utilize digital marketing to grow your business. Use the power of Pinterest to grow your email list, drive traffic to your website, consistently attract new clients, and generate sales on autopilot! 

Module 6 - Growing Your Network

Learn to create your own networking opportunities to land new clients. Network strategically around the world and find other creatives to collaborate with, establish yourself as an industry expert, and grow your client list! 

Module 7 - Scaling Your Business

Scaling your business without working your life away. Consistently grow your business without growing your to-do list, increase revenue, and decrease stress so you can continue to ENJOY your new travel lifestyle. ✈️

Ready To Craft Your Dream Life? ✈️

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This Course Is For You IF:

  • You dream of making travel a LIFESTYLE - you’re not just looking to vacation 
  • You want to travel the world while working on your passion
  • You HATE the idea of giving up control over important aspects of your life by working for someone else 
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset, but lack the structure or confidence to put your ideas into action 
  • You have tried to work on your own, but failed by going freelance, and lacking the systems, structure, and automation to actually make a regular income. 
  • You are tired of wasting your life away while seeing others like yourself working from exotic destinations
  • You are ready to put in WORK to make your dreams a reality; because dreams don’t work unless you do! 
  • You are ready to join an active, inspiring, and supportive community of both aspiring and established location independent entrepreneurs who will serve as your support system as you embark on this new adventure. 
  • You are ready to join hundreds of other location independent entrepreneurs in amazing destinations like Bali, Barcelona, Lisbon, Cape Town, or whatever other bucket list destination you have your heart set on visiting! 

Bonus # 1 - Private Membership With Your New Colleagues

  • Exclusive membership to our private Facebook community
  • Available only to our course students and alumni!
  • Here you can connect with other like-minded location independent entrepreneurs, build your support group, and collaborate to take your business to the next level!
  • The team at Little Black Shell will also be active on here, so you can ask questions pertaining to your new freedom business, get feedback on ideas, and successfully manage a work + travel lifestyle
  • Bonus lives and content will also be posted periodically so you can continue your education 
  • Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be! That's why we created this group - so we can all network & support each other on our journey. You never know - your new business bestie or travel partner could be a part of this group!

Bonus # 2 - The Exact Templates, Worksheets, Apps, And Resources We Use To Run A Successful Freedom Business

  • Get worksheets to accompany every module so you are not just learning our tried-and-true strategies; you are also applying them and building the blueprint for your business as you go! 
  • We will dish it all, and tell you exactly what apps and programs you should be using, which strategies work, and which don't so you don't waste any time (or money!) trying hundreds of programs that don't give results!
  • Get the templates we use to keep track of our finances, formulas to learn how to pay yourself, our top productivity tools, and resources to effectively balance work & travel plus have your business running on autopilot! 

Chloe Morris

Chloe is the founder of Pink Flamingo Marketing, a Marketing & Social Media strategist that enables you to think outside the box and become the ‘Pink Flamingo’ in your marketplace.
Chloe studied business and Marketing strategy and uses her own unique style along with goal setting to help clients to create business strategy and creative marketing aligned with their passion and purpose. Chloe loves to take business on the move and has been location independent since 2016.
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Seyoung Park

Seyoung is a brand strategist, designer, and entrepreneur with a business called Modern Love. She specializes in helping new entrepreneurs take their authentic ideas to build magnetic brands from the ground up. Having jumped into the entrepreneurial world right after graduation, Seyoung is a strong supporter of millennials taking action to pursue their businesses, and she cannot wait to help you do the same! Located in Portland, Oregon, you can find her working from bright coffeeshops or searching for new ways to be creative.
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Angela Ocampo

Angela is the founder of Golden Oasis Media, a Pinterest Marketing & Content Creation studio. As a former blogger turned Pinterest guru, Angela has a heart for helping creative entrepreneurs & online coaches create a community of raving fans with the power of Pinterest! The goal? Help them make a bigger impact, grow their business with ease & create a business around the freedom they crave. When she's not diving into all things Pinterest, she's obsessing over plants, all things spirituality, and cozying up to a good personal-development book. 
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Hannah Morth

Hannah is a soul-alignment business coach, the Founder of Limitless Millennials, a public speaker, an author, and the co-founder of both Dear Enlightened One Online Magazine and Into the Rabbit Burrow Podcast. From graduating from college to dead-end cubicle jobs to network marketing, Hannah has spent the beginning part of adulthood trying to figure out what makes her soul happy. It wasn’t until she quit her corporate 9 to 5 and pursued entrepreneurship that it all began to come together. Now, Hannah is on a mission to help limitless millennial entrepreneurs build businesses that align with their core values, their soul’s purpose, and what feels good to them! 
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"...when you become a location independent entrepreneur EVERY DAY is an adventure"

Karen is a world traveler and location independent entrepreneur who has been traveling while running her own business since 2016. She is the founder of the Little Black Shell group which includes the popular travel blog, Little Black Shell, and most recently her social media agency, LBSocial which focuses on "Turning Brands Into Destinations."

Karen is always working on new projects and her current focus is on establishing her international agency, growing her travel blog, and helping others become location independent through this course - all while continuing to travel the world! ✈️
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Why I Decided To Create This Course...

I decided to create The Location Independent Entrepreneur to help others achieve their dream travel lifestyle. Not too long ago I was in your shoes, dreaming of a life that let me do things on my own terms. A lifestyle that allowed me to travel the world while working on my passions.

I wanted freedom. I wanted excitement. I wanted to feel alive again! 

And I made it happen. 

I made many sacrifices and many mistakes, but I was able to craft my dream life. All it took was gaining that self-confidence, believing that I could do all the things that I set my mind to. Once I started trusting the journey things began piecing together. The right people showed up in my life. The tools I needed to succeed also magically appeared. I built my network around the world, and I built my location independent business.

I’ve never felt more alive!

What I realized through this journey is that it's much more effective to learn from others who are already doing what you want to be doing - they've figured out how to craft your dream life! So instead of wasting years trying to figure it out on your own (and possibly quitting) why not leverage their knowledge and start a freedom business the right way?

This is what I'm doing with The Location Independent Entrepreneur - giving back to my community to help others fulfill their deepest desires and start crafting their dream life, too. 
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What Life Is Like After The Location Independent Entrepreneur:

  • Your life is guaranteed to be more fulfilling, since you will be actively working on your passions 
  • You will have the freedom to travel around the world and work from any destination you please
  • You will do life on your own terms - working when you want, how you want, and from where you want
  • You will know exactly what steps you need to take to gain both location and financial independence 
  • You will never have to respond to anyone, because by starting your own freedom business you will finally be able to quit your day job & become your own boss!
  • You will be taking your passions to the next level by building something that you truly love doing 
  • You will have the systems, structure, and automation in place to scale your business with ease and make money even while sipping on coconuts at the beach!
  • You will know exactly what you need to work on and when so you're productive AF, working less, getting more done, and making more money with minimal effort. It's all about being productive, not busy!
  • You will have more time and freedom to focus on the things that are most important to you - no more wasting your life away only living for the weekend! 

Your Dream Life Is Just One Course Away...✈️


When does the course start? 
The Location Independent Entrepreneur course is open for registration a few times per year! Once you purchase the course and get your credentials, you can start the course at your convenience. We do this so you have total control over your time, and can create your own schedule. We are all about freedom and having total control over your life so we wanted our course to reflect these values as well.

What if I have questions or need extra guidance during the course?
If you need any help we have a private Facebook group exclusively for our past and current students.  You can ask questions here to get feedback from other aspiring or established location independent entrepreneurs. Our founder, Karen, and the team at Little Black Shell will also be active in the group to provide extra support. This is also a great place to build your network so we encourage you to be active on it as well! You never know, your new business bestie, travel partner, or client might just be within the group! 

Do you accept any refunds? 
No, we do not provide any refunds. Once payment is made all sales will be final. This is because you will have access to the full course material after purchase.  

What if I already have a location independent business, can I still take the course? 
The Location Independent Entrepreneur is for people who are just starting out, and need a solid foundation to take action on their goals. It is a starter course, an action plan, to provide aspiring location independent entrepreneurs with the resources, knowledge, organization, and network they need to establish a successful location independent business. If you already have a location independent business, you can still take the course as it might help you with organization, productivity, marketing strategy, and scaling your business! 

I am really interested in taking the course, but don’t have the full amount of money right now. Can I pay the course in parts? 
Yes! We offer payment plans for The Location Independent Entrepreneur. You can pay the course in 3 installments of $190 over a period of 3 months. We really want to help everyone interested in this lifestyle turn their dreams into reality which is why we provide this affordable payment plan! 

I'm SO Ready!!

The Location Independent Entrepreneur

Craft An Online Business Around Your Passions, Gain Financial Independence & Travel The World
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